Wednesday, June 28, 2006

satan is real

It's not over yet! The last but certainly not least installment of this most recent Chicago adventure.

Edward Burch and friends, the Hideout, June 25, 2006Edward Burch and friends, the Hideout, June 25, 2006: The festival gang hit the next mark on this music-filled weekend with a visit to the legendary Hideout. My buddies have often described the Hideout as something akin to Largo, and I can see the point, but the Hideout can definitely stand on its own.

Ed Burch and gang were doing a tribute to the Louvin Brothers' epic Satan Is Real that night. Every now and then, Ed took on the character of a preacher and/or explained the significance of some of the songs in his own life. It was a sweet (and perhaps necessary) touch in such a small club, but even on their own, the songs said a lot, and the multipart harmonies emphasized the simple yet glorious roots. I admit that it's a lot twangier than I usually go for, but the thought barely entered my mind amid the gorgeous voices. As a capper, they ended with "Atomic Power"--I'm vaguely familiar with that one. :)

Thank you, Chicago! I can't wait to come back!

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