Thursday, August 04, 2005

'til I'm blue in the face

sad iPodMy iPod is back in the shop, except I think it's a real goner this time. It was showing some bad signs last week. I could hear the hard drive pushing itself to update, and in the end, it did the same thing as last time: go to the beginning of a song, then skip to it immediately to go to the next one, then skip it again, and so on. Finally, I got the sad Mac icon, and according to the Apple service report, a replacement has been ordered. Why me??? I know people who've had iPods for years without problems. Argh, I miss my uPod so. Its absence also means that I haven't been able to listen to the Jon Brion shows at Tonic on a daily basis during my commute to and from work every day.

To counter that, I'd like to post an MP3 of Jon doing "That's Just What You Are," from the only Bay Area appearance I've ever caught of him. It was back in 2001, opening for Evan Dando. That night, for the encore, they did a bunch of songs together that would eventually show up on Evan's Baby I'm Bored. To further show off my swot tendencies, I'd like to remind you all that Jon has cowriter credit for this song, which you can find on Aimee Mann's delicious I'm With Stupid. I'm not sure why I love this version so much, but I find myself rewinding at the line, "It would kill you just to try to be a nicer guy."

Have at it: "That's Just What You Are."

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